Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh Canada!

From Road America

My next Jetta TDI Cup race is on the horizon. This Thursday I leave for Toronto - that's Canada people, America's top hat. I've been reviewing footage of the course and studying its turns all week. All that's between me and the road is a bit of packing and arranging a rental car, the bane of a serious driver's exitence.

At my last race at Road America in Wisonsin, I had minor breakthrough that I hope will lead to drastic improvements this weekend in Toronto. Don Tebbe, Project Manager for the Arciero Miller Racing group that helps with the TDI Cup, told me to be softer on the wheel. The Jettas are front wheel drive and much heavier than what I'm used to driving. As such, the suspension takes longer to respond to shifting weight than I expected.

The upcoming race is round seven of the ten race series and I've enjoyed (nearly) every moment of my time with VW (just check out the ballin' gear I get to sport. Chicks dig it). Wish me luck this weekend and make sure to follow all of my social networking online - it gets me points!


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