Sunday, August 16, 2009

August 13, 2009

Road America

Sadly today started way too early. My father misunderstood what time I needed to get up this morning and burst through my door at 5:00AM. Cringe!

From there the trip began. At San Jose airport, I met up with David Arken. We talked strategy while working our way through security and trying to conceal that I had three carry-on bags instead of the regulated two. (I always feel like such a criminal when they catch me!). After expertly passing the metal detector test, we decided it was for some nourishment. All we could find was yogurt parfaits and coffees – Damn you small airport food!

After lounging in some “power chairs” (La-Z-Boys with power outlets – jackpot!) we boarded and I got a window seat that overlooks the wing. The mechanics of the wings and all the flaps, ailerons, and slats and how they move in unison fascinates me every time, but this Southwest 737’s had an all the more exciting vapor trail that arked over the wing on takeoff and landing. Shortly after takeoff, the vapor trail was on longer there and I spotted the fire in the Santa Cruz mountains that was polluting the air like a stink bomb all the way down the coast.

I managed to get a few precious moments of sleep and the flight went by quickly. We landed, grabbed some grub and our rental car, and watched the old brick buildings pass by. At times like these I catch myself just wishing that I had more time to sit around and explore the wonderful places my racing career is taking me to. Alas, maybe next year it will prove to be much more relaxed (I doubt it).

Shortly after getting into Milwaukee, our satellite navigation system - “Magellan” - got us lost 5 times! Eventually we figured it out and made the remainder of the drive to Sheboygan. We checked into the hotel got our room and found a wonderful place for me to get a haircut quickly. Thank god my beard was finally under control and I was back to looking presentable! We decided to eat dinner down by the lake where the fog was no further then 300 yards out from shore and large ships hung on to the edge of the fog layer.

As for now, my belly is full and it’s time for sleep. Just like every East Coast race this season, it is an early day tomorrow. Until then arevaderche!


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